Learn More About Our Frequently Asked Questions

How big is the Longplex facility?
Longplex Family & Sports Center is an enormous 3 floor family fitness and sports complex located in Tiverton, RI and serves Fall River, New Bedford, and Aquidneck Island. There is both indoor and outdoor space including 2 turf fields, multiple sport courts & birthday party rooms, a Lil’ Bouncy House room, gym for Crossfit, restaurants, commercial space, rooms for fitness classes, outside expo & business park, 5k obstacle course, and 30 miles of walking trails.
Are you open year round?
Our sports facility is open year round. Our outdoor walking trails are subject to personal decision depending on weather conditions.
Is this sports facility kid friendly?
Longplex welcomes people of all ages and offers a number of fitness classes, a Lil’ Bouncy House room, ice cream at the Ice Cream Machine, birthday party rooms, and more!
Are there any restaurants or eateries in the Longplex sports center?
Yes! We have Sports Kitchen, Pizza Hollywood, Ice Cream Machine, Custom Coffee House, and a concession stand with indoor and outdoor seating all for your enjoyment!
What are your hours?
The Longplex building is open from 6am-1am. Venue hours vary.
Do you sell Longplex branded merchandise?
Yes we do! Check out our retail shop!
Do you offer birthday party packages?

We sure do! We have multiple birthday party rooms where you can celebrate child or adult birthdays! Check out our birthday party rooms and party on!

Can I rent out one of your fields?
Our sports fields are available to rent for sports use or special events. Contact us and we will provide availability and additional information involved in renting one of our fields.
Do you offer after school sports programs?

Yes, please contact us for more.

Do I have to book the Bouncy House Room or can my child go in anytime?
The Bouncy House Room is only open to the public.
How do I sign up for the latest leagues or camps?

Please view the team or schedule options by clicking here.